James Bond Blofeld Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

James Bond Blofeld Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

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James Bond Blofeld Funko Pop Vinyl Figure

Has any movie villain spawned as many tropes and parodies as Ernst Stavro Blofeld? In his early Bond appearances all that was shown of him was his hands stroking his white cat; the inspiration for both Dr Claw in Inspector Gadget and Baron Von Greeback in Danger Mouse. Blofeld would be seen properly for the first time in You Only Live Twice where he was portrayed by Donald Pleasance. It is this portrayal which inspired the Austin Powers character of Dr Evil and this very Funko Pop! 

This Funko is of Blofeld in his lapel-less suit, with his facial scar and white cat. How can you not have this figure if you have the Sean Connery Bond Funko Pop? Who's going to tell Connery, "Mr Bond, I've been expecting you.". Not Oddjob or Jaws, that's for sure. 

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